September 17-18, Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel (500 Flatiron Boulevard, Broomfield, CO 80021)

SOBCon (successful online blogger conference) is one of the premiere intimate social media events of the year. Founded and managed by Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker, SOBCon regularly draws the best and the brightest from the social media world. They put it best:

SOBCon is the think tank of the social web, where the best minds in the Internet space gather to present models, discuss insights, and determine best practices.

We review the changing landscape, identify valid strategies, discuss and develop tactics, report case studies, and share actionable business ideas.

SOBCon2010 is high on content, expertise, interaction, and value.

If you want a dynamic, protected web presence, a vibrant customer community, and innovative advisors who invest in you for the long term, this single event will meet your needs faster, easier, and more deeply than any other.

Speak the language, know the culture, and become part of the network that the social media world looks to for leadership. The relationships made at SOBCon extend across social networks online and off and well beyond the exchange of business cards.

SOBCon features six interactive blocks, which each include an introductory speech, then team efforts to create a project based on the block’s theme. SOBCon 2010 in Colorado’s block themes will be foundations, execution, engagement, extraordinary value, messaging, and simple social media measurements.

“It’s my intent in 2010 to build deep, not wide; to get beyond 140 characters and really get to know fellow travelers on this network we’re building. SOBCon is a great venue for that – small (150 people), focused, and plenty of time for interaction.”
-Steve Woodruff, StickyFigure

“…SOBCon is about full participation. If you attend, you work. And magic happens. You make new friends and business associates. I had numerous discussions with people who were asking my advice right after I sought theirs and it was a soft place to land and share.”
-Kneale Mann
(quotes from the SOBCon website)

Visit the official website for SOBCon.