Inbound Marketing Summit

October 6-7, Gillette Stadium (1 Patriot Pl, Foxboro, MA 02035)

The Inbound Marketing Summit will be heading to Boston this year for a two-day conference covering a variety of Internet marketing topics ranging from social media to content management (CMS) and SEO. The conference’s highlights will include a presentation titled “What is New Marketing and How Does it Affect My Business?” from New Marketing Labs President Chris Brogan, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer Colin Brower, and Director of Business Development Justin Levy; lectures on startup marketing, viral videos, brand ambassadors, and more; and networking lunches at the conference’s showcase.

Check out this introduction letter from the VP of Sales describing what to expect from the Inbound Marketing Summit:

The Inbound Marketing Summit is where the online marketing community gathers to solve today’s marketing and business communications challenges. This event features the brightest minds in the business, including world-renowned authors and practitioners, as well as leaders from some of the companies already using the new tools and strategies. This fast-paced and information-packed event is your check-up on your existing business communications strategies, and your prescription for the coming months.

You should come to the Inbound Marketing Summit if:

• You are a marketing or PR professional seeking solutions to your online marketing challenges.
• You are a social media or online marketing practitioner.
• You have world-class solutions of interest to marketers, PR, and other business communicators.

You’re invited to bring your real world challenges with you to the event: your issues, your strategy needs, your goals, whatever it is you are working on that could use some external thought and advice, and we’re going to tackle it with you. Yes, that’s right. We’ll roll up our sleeves, and the brilliance gathered at the Inbound Marketing Summit will work to recommend strategies and solutions right there. Sure, there will be tons of networking, but we mean to send you home with actions and next steps, not just business cards.

We are very excited about our new initiatives on the horizon!


The Inbound Marketing Summit team
Marc Goldstein
Vice President Sales

Visit the official website for the Inbound Marketing Summit – Boston.